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February 10, 2020

Pleased to have been invited by Ainsley Gommon Architects and Read Construction to be part of this exiting project

Ysgol Y Garnedd is a new £7.8 million primary school in Bangor forming part of Gwynedd Council’s 21st Century Schools Programme.

The new 420 place school has been designed as a modern, well-equipped facility providing fourteen classrooms, two ALN classrooms, a nursery, a Cylch Meithrin and a large hall, along with a number of other different teaching spaces, staff and administration areas. A central courtyard creates a safe space to play for the younger years of the school whilst the older pupils have a larger space to the north, and both areas benefit from passive supervision.

Whilst being contemporary in design, the building has been designed to sit comfortably within its semi-rural landscape. Materials have been chosen through careful study of the locale and a consideration for buildability, and used to articulate the function of the building. Local stone forms some elements of the façade and boundary walls providing a grounding in terms of its geological context and an architectural similarity to the buildings of the area. Metal coated composite panels break up the mass of the building and articulate elements such as windows and separating floors.

The BREEAM Excellent school received Planning Consent in December 2018 and is currently on site.

JTL Architectural Hardware have worked closely with Ainsley Gommon Architects and Read Construction to develop a specification for a Stainless Steel range of Door Hardware suitable for a school environment and providing a level of quality which will provide longevity with a 25 year guarantee.

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